How to have an Instagram verified account

Instagram now allows you to request an account verified by the social network app on your phone. The feature, which displays a blue seal next to the name, ensures that the profile really perceives the person or brand. The feature is heavily used by businesses and celebrities, but is now accessible to any user in the application settings. However, updates to the platform are released gradually and may, for the time being, be disabled for some profiles. However, please check that the version you're using is the latest one - otherwise, here's how to update the app.

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The social network clarifies that not all requests will be accepted. In order to have the verification symbol, the account must comply with the terms of use of Instagram. It is worth mentioning that the idea of ​​the tool aims to facilitate the application of the seal by public figures, celebrities or brands. Some criteria used are: authenticity, originality, integrity and relevance. This is a way for the platform to optimize the demands and deliver to the public, in less time, a confirmation on the authenticity of the account.

Verified account in Instagram is widely used by companies and celebrities

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In the following tutorial, see how to request verification of your profile on Instagram. The procedure was performed on an iPhone (iOS), but the step by step is the same in the version of the application for Android.

Step 1. Access your Instagram profile by tapping on the icon in the lower right corner of the screen. Then touch the menu button in the upper right corner;

Access Instagram Settings

Step 2. Now touch Settings on the inside of the screen. In the social network settings screen, touch "Request verification";

Access Instagram Settings

Step 3. In the field indicated, enter your full name. Just below, tap "Choose File" to send the photo of your identity document;

Requesting verification stamp

Step 4. Choose whether you want to take a picture or send an existing image from the gallery of your phone. Finally, tap "Submit" and wait until your request is reviewed by Instagram. You will receive a notification confirming or declining to verify your account.

Requesting verification stamp

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