How to have macOS 'Quick Look' in Windows 10 and view files faster

Quick Look is a macOS feature that lets you quickly view files and folders by pressing the spacebar. It is useful for viewing photos, videos and information in text documents without having to open the file. Windows 10 users can have the feature by installing a free application, which is available from the Microsoft store. The application, it should be remembered, is only for Windows 10 PCs. Check out the following tutorial on how to install and use the QuickLook app on your computer.

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Step 1. Access the application download page ( and select the "Acquire" option;

Open the app page and click on the indicated button

Step 2. The Microsoft Store app will open. In it, click "Acquire" again and wait until the application is downloaded and installed on your PC;

Installing application on PC

Step 3. When the installation is complete, you will receive a notification. Select "Start" to run the QuickLook app;

Open the QuickLook app

Step 4. Now, just select a file on the desktop or in Windows Explorer and press the SPACEBAR to preview photos, videos and text documents;

Files can be previewed by pressing the spacebar

Step 5. The preview also has some options. In the upper left corner, the buttons serve, respectively, to keep the window on top, to prevent it from being closed or to open the file as. On the right, you can open using the default application or go full screen.

Options in the QuickLook window

Ready. Take advantage of the tips to quickly view your files without having to open them.

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