How to have a metronome on the cell phone to practice your rhythm on the guitar

The GuitarTuna application has a digital metronome so that users can practice their rhythm on the guitar. Available on iPhone (iOS) and Android smartphones, the free tool is ideal for beginners and professionals who need to practice new techniques on the instrument. The digital metronome of this app allows you to define different musical tempos and select the beats per minute in which it will play.

To learn how to have a digital metronome on your cell phone using the free GuitarTuna app, check out the step by step guide that we have prepared.

Tutorial shows how to use a metronome on the cell phone to practice your guitar rhythm with the GuitarTuna app

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Step 1. Open the application and tap "Tools". Then go to "Metronome" to continue.

way to access the digital metronome of the GuitarTuna app

Step 2. Touch the gear icon and choose a tempo tempo to set up your metronome.

Action to choose a musical tempo for the metronome of the GuitarTuna app

Step 3. Use the "-" and "+" buttons to choose beats per minute. Once this is done, simply tap the play icon to start the metronome.

Action to start a digital metronome in the GuitarTuna app

Take the hint not to play out of rhythm by practicing new techniques on guitar and other musical instruments.

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