How to hide personal data in WhatsApp for iPhone

Hiding personal data on WhatsApp for iPhone (iOS) is a way to increase privacy while using the app. With this feature, the user can prevent others in the messenger from having access to their profile information.

Between settings, you can hide the "Profile photo, " "Status, " "Scrap, " and "Last seen, " which shows when you last entered the application. To help you take advantage of this feature on Apple's mobile phone, TechTudo has prepared the tutorial below. See the step by step and learn how to hide your personal data in WhatsApp.

See how to increase privacy on WhatsApp for iPhone

How to hide personal data in WhatsApp for Android

Step 1. Open WhatsApp and touch the "Settings" option.

Open WhatsApp Settings on iPhone

Step 2. Select "Account" and then choose "Privacy."

Step 3. On this page, you will have four personal data that can be available for others to see: "Last seen", "Profile photo", "Message" and "Status". To make this information invisible to other users, open it and tap "No one."

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