How to hide the TV wires

Hiding TV wires is not always easy. Depending on the amount of electronics connected to the device, the television's location may be filled with tangled cables, creating a messy, confused appearance. Since replacing all devices with wireless versions is not yet a viable output, the solution is to deal with the problem in other ways.

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Thinking about it, TechTudo has come up with some suggestions on how this situation can be circumvented, taking the wires out of view and leaving the house with a more organized look.

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Check out how to hide the TV wires


The TV panel is one of the most practical and efficient solutions for hiding the wires. It should be positioned in front of an outlet and bring openings through which the cables pass, hiding all the wiring. There are a huge variety of models on sale, from the simplest ones, which comprise only a smooth wood, to the most elaborate ones, which carry supports for other electronics and can even replace a rack.

Prices vary by design, material and size. In general, it is possible to find TV panels priced from $ 40. Its only disadvantage is that this furniture requires a rigid wall, made of brick, concrete or something similar. Gypsum walls do not support the weight of the set.

Wall panel hides TV wires and other electronics


The gutter is an even cheaper option and easy to install. It can be used in any type of wall and costs from $ 4, depending on variants such as size, material and space for insertion of the wires. As the finish is more evident, a tip is to paint the channel with the same color of the wall to disguise its presence.

Channel is an inexpensive and easy to install solution for hiding TV wires

Organizer box

One way to hide the cables is to place the electronics that are connected on the TV - like the cable receiver, router, DVD, among others - into beautiful organizer boxes. To do this, leave the enclosed part forward and open a hole on the other side, which will face the wall. Then simply wrap the wiring inside the box and let the outlet only, taking care that the cable is hidden in the shelf or rack.

This solution will not be feasible in all environments, as it depends on having a mobile that allows to stack the organizer boxes in an elegant way. On the other hand, the method is cheap, requires no holes in the wall and still adds some charm to the living room.

Organizer box can hide electronics connected to TV and all cables

Paper clip

If you want to hide the wires from the TV using just what you have at home, one idea is to use paper clips. If your table is of equal or smaller thickness than the clip opening, simply clip it to the surface and use the metal rods to pass the cable.

Paper clip can be used to organize and hide TV wires

If the furniture is thicker, nail some thin nails in the way the wire would be hidden until it reaches the socket. Then hang the clips by the metal part and use the black section to attach the cables.


For those who are already doing work at home, it is interesting to consider buying plinths with built-in channel. Depending on the model, they provide space to pass one, two or more wires, and will be useful not only for the TV but for your entire home.

Skirting board with built-in channel works to hide wiring in all environments of the house


You can also disguise the strands making them beautiful. And for that, imagination is the limit: it's worth using stickers, plastic accessories, fun channels or even wrapping tape. The idea is to use the cables as a decorative element, which will leave your original and cheerful environment.

Accessories decorate TV cables and turn them into decorative pieces

Invisible connection

Samsung is a manufacturer that brings TVs with invisible connection. Available in The Frame and new QLED devices, the feature utilizes a hub for all electronics to be connected via cable. One Connect, as the device is called, can stay away from the television, with all the wires hidden. The single cable that connects the TV to the unit is "transparent", becoming almost invisible when close to the wall.

TV with invisible connection from Samsung

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