How to identify the Macbook battery life

The performance of the MacBook battery is an important parameter to measure the time of use of the machine. There are two ways to check this info, by settings or with the free coconutBattery app. The Apple notebook is known to offer longevity and put one of the main measures of life in the power supply: the shorter the recharge cycle, the more conserved a Mac is.

Models manufactured as of 2010 are programmed to last a thousand cycles before presenting more significant degradation and losing load with speed. Therefore, it is essential to monitor the information closely. Here are two ways to check the battery life of the Apple computer.

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MacBook displays battery level; models made as of 2010 has thousand cycles of recharge

Cycle counting

All MacBooks allow you to access the battery recharge cycle count through the settings. The information relates to the amount of times the computer has been completely discharged over time.

Step 1. Hold the "Option" key and click the Apple menu to see the "System Information ..." item. Click to open more details;

Access the system information menu on your MacBook

Step 2. On the side menu, click "Power". Look in the right panel for the "Status Information" section. The "Cycle Count" item shows how close to a thousand cycles the PC is. The lower the value, the less used is the MacBook. Under "Condition", the system displays the status "Normal" when there are no problems in the component.

Check the MacBook Cycle Count

Load, age and history

Step 1. Download the free coconutBattery app. Unzip the .zip file and move the app to the "Applications" folder of the Finder;

Download the coconutBattery app

Step 2. When accessing the app for the first time, you must grant permission. To do this, click on "Open";

Grant permission to open coconutBattery for the first time

Step 3. The app shows an overview of battery performance. Under "Design Capacity", see the percentage of load currently supported by the computer compared to the initial state of manufacture;

coconutBattery shows percentage of charge kept in battery

Step 4. Select "Battery info" to get additional data on the component, such as the exact age, in days, since manufacturing;

See battery age on coconutBattery

Step 5. CoconutBattery also allows you to create a personal battery check record. Access the History tab and click the "+" button at the bottom left to insert the current check into the table. This is to keep pace with the loss of charge and to know how much the battery has degraded over time.

Create a battery check log in coconutBattery

Ready. Use the tips, enjoy monitoring your MacBook's battery, and learn how performance is affected.

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