How to import your data from Chrome to Firefox Quantum

Firefox Quantum allows the user to import data from other browsers, such as Google Chrome. The procedure is useful for anyone who chooses to use the Mozilla browser and wants to take favorites and history, for example. The program also enables you to include the saved passwords and cookies of the visited sites.

Check out the next step by step and see how to import your personal data into Firefox Quantum. The procedure was performed on a computer running Windows 10, but the tips are valid for MacOS or Linux operating system users.

Firefox Quantum: How to use the main browser functions

Learn how to import your personal data from Chrome to Firefox Quantum

Step 1. Open the Quantum Firefox and click on the first button in the upper right corner of the window. Then select "Favorites";

Open Firefox favorites Quantum

Step 2. At the bottom of the list, click "Show Favorites";

Access the Firefox Bookmark Manager Quantum

Step 3. In the favorites management window, click "Import and backup" and go to "Import data from another browser ...";

Open the Data Import Tool in Firefox Quantum

Step 4. The import wizard opens. In it, select the checkbox to the left of "Chrome" and click "Next";

Select Chrome and go forward

Step 5. Choose the data to be imported and click "Next" again;

Choose the data to be migrated to Firefox Quantum

Step 6. Finally, the wizard will notify you that the information has been imported successfully. Click "Finish" to close.

Finish importing data in Firefox Quantum

Ready. Take advantage of the tips to migrate your personal browser data from Google to Firefox Quantum.

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