How to insert link in Instagram Stories with a commercial account

Posting links in Instagram Stories is a very useful resource for spreading what is produced outside the social network, such as blog posts, sales products, longer videos, and more. The "drag up" feature is highly sought after by those who use the social network, but is currently only available for verified accounts or business accounts with more than 10, 000 followers.

In other words, who is a common user still have to settle for the famous "link in bio". However, if you have access to the feature, check out the following tutorial.

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Step 1. The feature is activated on the Edit Stories screen. Go to this page by sliding the Feed page from left to right, as shown by the arrow;

Go to the Stories screen

Step 2. At the top of the screen, tap on the two-ring icon on the top bar, as shown in the image;

To post a link in Instagram Stories, click the highlighted icon

Step 3. On the page that opens, paste the link you want to post in the "URL" gap and then confirm "Finish" in the upper right corner;

To post link in Instagram Stories, place the desired link in the URL space

Step 4. To post the post with the link, touch the "Your Story" icon in the lower left corner and you're done!

Story "in the lower left corner of Instagram

Now that you know how to post a link in your stories, you can take advantage of the social network to promote a website or an online store, for example.

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