How to insert links from IGTV videos into Instagram Stories

Instagram users can embed in their stories links to videos posted on their channel on IGTV. The feature, available in the iPhone app (iOS) and Android phone, is ideal for increasing the channel audience on the Instagram video platform.

The procedure creates a button similar to that of links in business accounts with more than 10, 000 followers. In this way, people are redirected to the linked video and can learn about other content from a channel on Instagram TV. This feature is available to all users with a channel on the new Instagram video platform. Check out how to insert IGTV links in Instagram Stories posts in the following tutorial.

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Tutorial shows how to add links to IGTV videos in Instagram stories

Step 1. Open Instagram and touch the camera icon in the upper left corner of the screen, or the "Your story" option. Then make a photo or video to create your Story;

Action to create an Instagram story that will receive a link to IGTV video

Step 2. Touch the icon that represents links in the story in the upper bar of options. On the next page, choose "IGTV Video" to continue;

Action to search for an IGTV video link to add to an Instagram story

Step 3. Select the video you want to insert the link and touch "Finish" in the upper right corner. That done, the video will be linked in its history. To finish, publish the content by tapping the "Your story" button.

Action to post an Instagram story with link to a video on IGTV

Use the tip to advertise your IGTV videos in your Instagram stories.

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