How to install LibreOffice on the pendrive to use on any PC

LibreOffice has a portable version that works on any computer without the need for installation. You can use text, spreadsheet, and presentations programs on public machines that do not have Microsoft Office. All created documents are stored on the mobile disk and can be taken to another PC without Internet.

The portability of the software requires the previous configuration of the pendrive. After the procedure, the device takes the open source rivals of Word, Excel and PowerPoint without requiring installation in the HD - just click to open and use. Here's how to create LibreOffice portable.

Eight Tips to Dominate LibreOffice on PC

Libre Office programs have portable version easy to access on PCs

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Step 1. Download the portable LibreOffice installer and save it to an easily accessible folder on your computer. The standard version (STD) is lighter and includes the major software programs and features. Already the full version (ALL) is heavier and recommended for advanced users;

Download the portable LibreOffice installer

Step 2. Run the downloaded file to open the installation wizard. Select the language to advance;

Start the LibreOffice portable creation process

Step 3. Plug the USB stick into the computer. In the portable LibreOffice wizard, navigate to the installation location screen. Press the "Browse" button;

Change the location of LibreOffice portable installation

Step 4. Select the pendrive connected to your computer and select "Ok". Then check "Install". At the end of the process, LibreOffice is ready for use.

Install LibreOffice portable on the pendrive

How to use LibreOffice portable

The installation process needs to be performed only once on the pendrive. Then just plug the device into any Windows computer to use the LibreOffice programs. See how.

Step 1. Open the LibreOffice folder on the pendrive and run one of the programs listed to start working, such as Writer (text), Calc (spreadsheets) and Impress (presentations). Another option is to open a work pane by clicking on "LibreOfficePortable";

Run LibreOffice portable on a USB stick

Step 2. In this option, LibreOffice portable displays a work screen that allows you to open files hosted on the computer by dragging and dropping in the center of the window. On the side, the interface provides shortcuts for document editing programs, a list of recent documents and other functions.

Use LibreOffice programs on any PC without installing

Where can I download the Portable Office package? Ask questions in the Forum.