How to install offline map of the region's Wi-Fi networks

The Instabridge application offers a complete map of Wi-Fi networks open or with known passwords around and allows you to download information for offline browsing. The feature is useful when the user data packet comes to an end or is traveling overseas, as it requires the internet to find the nearest free access point.

Available for iPhone (iOS) and Android, the app lets you search for locations in the region with available connection. Then just walk to the signal range, activate the Wi-Fi antenna of the smartphone and connect with a touch. See how to download maps and access information from Instabridge even without 3G or 4G.

Instabridge: app has offline map of the region's Wi-Fi networks

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The creators of Instabridge guarantee that the procedure does not violate any law. They clarify that the application "will not hack or change the password of any Wi-Fi" and also affirm that the user "will be legally connected to public and shared passwords."

Step 1. Access Instabridge with an active Wi-Fi or mobile data connection, and open your profile details at the top. Then go to "Settings".

Access Instabridge Settings

Step 2. Touch the "Offline Regions" option to see a list of available map packages to download, separated by continent. Each item displays the space that will be occupied in the phone memory. To download the map using mobile data, be sure to disable the "Only sync networks over Wi-Fi" option.

Access the Instabridge offline map list

Step 3. Tap the cloud next to the desired region to start downloading. To remove the map and free up storage space, just touch "Delete".

Download maps to access Wi-Fi networks offline

Connecting with offline maps

The mode of use of Instabridge does not change with online or offline maps. The only difference is that when the user has no active internet connection, the app shows only the nearby networks that are present in the downloaded map pack.

Step 1. If you downloaded the map of your region, note that Instabridge shows nearby Wi-Fi networks even though 3G or 4G is disabled. Walk to the location that offers the connection and tap the "Connect" button when it is available on the screen. The application will connect automatically, without typing the password manually.

Connect to Wi-Fi networks in one-touch range

Step 2. After the successful connection, the app displays the status "You are online" on the main screen, indicating that Wi-Fi is ready for use.

Instabridge shows when cell phone is connected to Wi-Fi

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