How to justify online voting on the TSE website

To justify the vote, voters can access the website of the Superior Electoral Court. The TSE's Justifica system is an online tool that can replace the traditional method and prevent the voter from being forced to go to a physical attendance office in the event of absence on the day of voting. The citizen must only enter his / her personal data, including the voter's number, and complete a form explaining the reasons for the absence.

The justification must be made by December 6 for the first round, and by December 27 for the second round of elections. In case of travel, it is possible to justify up to 30 days after the return of the voter to the country, with due documentary evidence. The progress of the application can be tracked online. Here's how to access and use the TSE system to justify your vote.

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Step 1. Access the TSE Justifica system ( using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browsers. On the start screen, select the "Start justification request" option;

Access the TSE Justifica system

Step 2. Complete the first form with the title number, name and date of birth. Then check the "I'm not a robot" box and go to the next step;

Enter your details to access the application form

Step 3. Enter your e-mail address and phone number to complete the registration of personal information. Do not forget to confirm the email in the field to the side and make sure there are no typos;

Enter email and phone

Step 4. In the next field, select the election in which you were absent. If you have not voted in more than one shift, you must file an application for each justification;

Select the shift whose absence you want to justify

Step 5. Use the "Reason" field to explain the reason for the absence, such as illness or travel. Then, mark the "plus" to add up to two documents that prove your lack, such as medical certificate or air ticket. The system supports files up to 2 MB in PNG, JPG or PDF formats. At the end, press the "Send" button;

Explain the reason for the absence and attach documents to prove

Step 6. The system will load a proof of receipt of the justification request that contains a protocol number. Click the button at the top to download the PDF file to your computer.

Download the application voucher to check progress later

Consult progress

Step 1. To check the progress of the request, press the option "See justification request" on the system homepage Justify;

Access the system of querying already completed requirements

Step 2. Enter your date of birth and the code on the proof of application;

Enter the application code and the date of birth to access

Step 3. Check in the "Situation" section if your application is already completed or is still open.

See the status of your justification request

According to the TSE, voters who did not vote and justify voting by the deadline of 60 days after each round must pay a fine ranging from R $ 1.05 to R $ 3.51 for each round. The collection guide must be obtained from the Court's website and paid at any bank branch, at the Post Office or at the lottery houses. Then, the voter must take the proof of payment to an electoral registry.


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