How to justify the vote? See what happens and what to do if you do not vote

Whoever does not appear at the polls in the 2018 Elections must justify the vote. For this, it is possible to download the justification form on the TSE website. It is worth remembering that the procedure only helps to advance your justification. To formalize it, it is necessary to personally deliver the documents at a justification post or at an electoral registry. That is, it is not possible to justify voting on the Internet only. The citizen must still be provided with the voter registration number and an official document with photo when he / she will submit the completed form.

Voters who fail to vote and do not justify their absence at every turn are subject to penalties as a fine and have their title canceled - which can lead to other problems, such as issuing a passport and taking public office. If you live in another city and have not transferred the title or are traveling you must provide a justification. This can be done on election day (October 7) or up to 60 days after the first round.

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Learn to justify your vote

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Step 1. Access the TSE website ( and click on the form link applicable to your situation. Forms for justification are available on voting day and post-election;

Download the justification form

Step 2. Print and fill out the form. You will need your voter registration data to complete it correctly. If you do not have the document in hand, find out how to find your title number on the Internet;

Checking title number and polling place

Step 3. To justify on Election Day, you must submit the form to a justification post. Access the TSE page ( to consult the nearest address. Remember that the justification must be made in the days and times of voting, that is, October 7 for the 1st shift and October 28 for the 2nd shift (if any), from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Brasília time;

Consulting the nearest justification office

Step 4. In the case of post-election justification, the completed form must be delivered to your city's electoral registry no later than 60 days after the election. The deadline is until December 6, 2018 for the first round and until December 27, 2018 for the second round (if any).


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