How to Kill the Golem in Clash Royale

Clash Royale is a strategy game for Android and iPhone (iOS), in which the participants fight in battles with powerful creatures, among them the golem. The character is able to split in two when it is destroyed and can cause a small explosion. Killing golem can be a tricky task, depending on your deck, but you can eliminate it with just a different tactic and the right creatures in your deck. See, in the following tutorial, the step by step how to exterminate the golem in Clash Royale.

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Step 1. The golem comes into play always in the opponent's field, unless one of its towers is destroyed. When this occurs, play a large troop, such as skeletons or flying saucers. Play a second troop, at a distance, to have better effect, like lancers goblins;

How to Kill the Golem in Clash Royale

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Step 2. Expect the numerous troops to destroy the golem in the first step. He will blow up and destroy this troop - he does not attack them directly - by dividing himself into two;

How to Kill the Golem in Clash Royale

Step 3. Throw a second large troop to attack the golem in its split form, it will explode again, on each unit destroyed;

How to Kill the Golem in Clash Royale

Step 4. If the opponent plays another troop, such as the magician, for example, to protect the golem, try to play a "tank" as a knight or barbarians.

It is worth remembering that the golem is powerful, but does not attack alone most of the time. Try to always keep a troop that can counterattack another character or troop that will come next, to keep your defense alive and withstand the creature's onslaught.

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