How to know better time to post on Instagram

Instagram offers business account users the chance to know the best time to post and the times of the week when followers are most active. The Insights tool displays data on the average number of actions taken by followers at specific times and days of the week, and is available on the iPhone version (iOS) and Android phone. This information, offered only to those who have a business account, should be analyzed to set the right time to earn more tastings and comments on photos and videos posted.

To learn how to find public information about your profile and review Instagram Insight data to find the best time to post on Instagram, check out the following tutorial.

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Instagram displays better days and times for doing commercial account postings

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Step 1. Access your profile in Instagram and touch the three bars icon in the upper right corner of the screen. Then go to "Information";

View Instagram business account information

Step 2. Touch the "Audience" option. At this point, proceed to the end of the records to find the "Followers" item. Insight features days of the week and activity times of profile followers. To proceed, touch the graphs;

Check public information for an Instagram business account

Step 3. Note that the tool shows the times at the bottom of the chart and the amount of interactions at the top. See what time people are most active that day to set good times for publications. It is also possible to change the calculation by touching the arrows next to the current day and thus, check what is activity on other days. To see more data, touch "Days";

Learn the days and times of increased activity from followers of an Instagram business account

Step 4. The days indication shows when your followers are more engaged and will help you decide, along with the time evaluation, which is the best time to share photos or videos in your business Instagram.

Build a publishing strategy with data on the average follower activity of an Instagram business account

Ready. Use the hint to identify when your followers are more likely to interact with your Instagram publications.

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