How to know how many clicks the Canon DSLR camera has, Nikon and Samsung

The life of DSLR cameras is measured by the number of clicks. With each shot, the shutter opens and closes to allow the light to reach the sensor. Because it is a mechanical part, it is natural to wear out over time - more precisely, with the number of times the shutter has been actuated.

A good tool to know the life of the machine is the Camera Shutter Count. The free website finds the amount of catch and also compares with the number of cycles provided by the manufacturer in the specifications. The online platform works with Nikon, Canon, Pentax and some Samsung models.

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Discover the life of your DSLR camera

Step 1. Take a photo of your camera and transfer it to your computer. Then go to the Camera Shutter Count and locate the cameras supported by the site at the bottom. If your DSLR is listed, press the "Choose File" button;

Button for selecting a photo taken with DSLR that will be used by Camera Shutter Count

Step 2. Choose a photo you just took with your camera. The image may have been renamed, but not edited;

Photo Selection for Camera Shutter Count to Discover DSLR Life

Step 3. With the photo selected, click on the "Upload" button and wait a few moments;

Uploading captured photo with DSLR camera at Camera Shutter Count website

Step 4. The large number displayed in the center of the screen is the amount of captures already made with your camera. In this example, there were 6, 446 clicks with a Nikon D80, which represents 13% of its life, stipulated by the manufacturer as 50 thousand shots.

Nikon D80 Number of Clicks and Shelf Life Discovered with Camera Shutter Count

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