How to Know the Ideal Weight with the BMI Calculator

The IMC Calculator is a free application for Android and iPhone (iOS) users to calculate their Body Mass Index (IMC). With the result, the user can monitor body health and make choices for a healthier lifestyle. When using the service for the first time you need to enter some data, such as age, weight and height. Then simply record your weight daily and track the progress of weight loss or gain.

The parameter is approved by the Ministry of Health, but does not dispense a medical evaluation with specialists in nutrition and endocrinology, for example. In the following tutorial, check out how to use the IMC Calculator app to find out your ideal weight and see statistics about your BMI. The procedure was performed on a Moto E4 with Android 7.1.1 Nougat, but the tips are also valid for users of Apple devices.

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Learn how to use the IMC Calculator app to calculate your BMI

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Step 1. Install the IMC Calculator app on your phone. When you open it for the first time, tap "Come on" and select the gender;

Initial setup of the IMC Calculator application

Step 2. In the next screens, enter age and height;

Fill in the initial data of the IMC Calculator application

Step 3. Finally, add your current weight. The application will display a graph with the weight. When adding new values, other points will be included. To add a record, go to "+";

User can add new records daily in the IMC Calculator app

Step 4. In the "Statistics" section, the user can consult their BMI and find out if they are within the weight, need to lose weight or gain mass. The "History" tab is used to check the weight history recorded over the days on the platform.

View MC and weight history in the IMC Calculator app

Ready. Enjoy the tips to use the IMC Calculator app to control your weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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