How to know your polling place and voter registration number

To know where you are going to vote in the 2018 Elections, just have your basic data in hand. On the site of the Superior Electoral Court, you can consult the title number and the voting place with only the full name, date of birth and mother's name.

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The voter's title is not necessary to vote, the voter only needs a photo document, such as RG or CNH. However, it is necessary to know the zone and voting section to go to the polls on October 7 (first round), or October 28 (second round) and choose your candidates.

Check below how to find the voter registration number and the polling place on the official TSE website.

How to register to CNH Digital and activate in the service portal

READ: How to register the CNH Digital and activate in the Service Portal

Step 1. Go to the TSE website ( and scroll the page to the "Voting title and place" section. Then select "voter name";

Click on the indicated link

Step 2. Fill in your personal information (full name, date of birth and mother's name). Just below, do the security check and select "Consult";

Fill in your personal information

Step 3. The registration number of your title and polling place will be displayed on the screen.

Checking title number and polling place

Ready. Remember that in order to vote, you only need a photo document - it is not necessary to take the voter's title on paper. Digital CNH and e-Title may be used on Election Day.

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