How to learn guitar chords on the cell phone

The free GuitarTuna app has a feature that helps users learn guitar chords simply. Available for iPhone (iOS) and Android smartphones, this tool has a library that features several types of chords, and is able to teach them through representations of the guitar scale. In addition, the option shows the different drawings of a same chord, allows to reproduce the exact sound of the combination of notes and shows the indication of the strings that each finger should press.

The chord library is great for beginners and people with advanced skills to learn new chords and ask questions about how to put them on the guitar scale. To test the feature, we use an iPhone 7 upgraded with iOS 11.

To learn how to learn guitar chords using your phone, check out the tutorial that uses the GuitarTuna app's chord library.

Tutorial shows how to learn guitar chords using the GuitarTuna application

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Step 1. Open the application and touch the "Tools" icon in the bottom left corner of the screen. Then go to the "Chord Library" tool.

Way to access the GuitarTuna app chord dictionary

Step 2. Use the note selector at the top of the screen to choose the chord you want to learn. It is important to set a pitch and choose variations for chord types. The middle part of the screen displays the chord drawing on the guitar scale and you can see all the variations by sliding this drawing to the left of the screen.

At the bottom, touch the speaker icon to hear the sound you should play on the instrument and check the placement of each finger on the scale through the color representation on the hand icon in the lower right corner of the screen.

Options for meeting new arrangements in the GuitarTuna Chord Dictionary

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