How to learn mobile language with Beelinguapp

Beelinguapp is an application with the purpose of teaching languages ​​by cell phone. With more than one million installations, it brings English and Spanish classes, among other languages, with stories that can be read or played in audio format, which favors practicing correct pronunciation, reading and speaking in the chosen language .

Available for iPhone (iOS) and Android, the application gained prominence by recently entering the list of software with a high level of excellence, released by the Google Play Store. The free app offers a vast library of books, but to get access to all the content of the platform you need to pay for the full version of the service. The step by step was performed on an iPhone 7 with iOS 11.

Tutorial shows how to use the Beelinguapp app to learn another language on your mobile phone

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Step 1. Open the application and tap "Next" to go through the explanatory screens. Then choose which language you want to learn.

Action to configure the learning language in the Beelinguapp app

Step 2. Choose a reference language and use the profile on Google or Facebook to access the free functions of the app.

Action to choose reference language and login in the Beelinguapp app

Step 3. Tell if this is the first time you use the application to proceed. At this point, choose one of the free stories offered on the homepage.

Home screen with short stories in other Beelinguapp app languages

Step 4. Touch the book, drag the screen to see more information at the bottom, after describing the content. Tap the "Download" button to have the story copied to your phone.

Action to download to Beelinguapp a story to practice another language in the cell phone

Step 5. At the top of the screen, read the story in the language you want to practice. The translation of the text is in the lower half of the screen. You can use the speaker buttons to hear the narrated text in both languages. In addition, the controls in the lower section of the screen allow you to search for an excerpt of the audio, to advance and rewind and to start or pause playback.

Beelinguapp application language study page

Step 6. To change the learning language in Beelinguapp, on the home page, touch the "More" tab and go to the "Settings" option. After that, change the language selected in "Languages ​​to improve". You can also change the reference language.

Options for changing study languages ​​of the Beelinguapp application

Use tips to learn new languages ​​using Beelinguapp on your mobile device.

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