How to leave the new Gmail interface similar to the old version

The new Gmail did not please everyone, but users who did not adapt to the novelty can no longer reverse the update. For these people, all that remains is a trick that changes the density of graphics on the screen to look similar to the classic version of Google's email. If you do not like renewed Gmail, here's a tip that can help make your email more user-friendly.

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Learn to change the look of the new Gmail

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Step 1. One of the key changes to Gmail was the change in the density of information on the screen. In the new version, the service shows fewer emails at once, leaving more blanks to make the look cleaner. Changing this feature, therefore, can make Gmail more like the previous version. Click the button with gear icon and select "Display Density".

Change the density of Gmail

Step 2. Next, select the "Compact" option and click "Ok". If Gmail does not change its look on time, refresh the page to force the change.

Set the compact density of Gmail

Step 3. Then click the arrow in the lower right corner to hide the Gmail extensions bar.

Hide the Gmail add-ons toolbar

Step 4. In the end, Gmail will adopt a design that looks more like the old version.

Change leaves Gmail with look similar to the old version

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