How to leave PC with Windows XP visual, 2000's system

Windows XP, a system released in 2001, was discontinued in 2014, but it's still possible to reuse your look on a new PC. With a few tricks and tweaks, you can leave a Windows 10 computer that looks similar to the old Microsoft system.

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After reformulation, the machine will continue with a safe and current operating system, but with a retro design that will make you feel back to the 2000s. Here's how to change the look of Windows and leave it with the features of the XP version .

Here's how to leave Windows 10 with the look of XP

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Start menu

Step 1. Download the Start Menu buttons from the old Windows on Winxp4life site ( Then, extract the contents to an accessible folder. The procedure will generate a new folder;

Download the Start buttons and extract the contents on the PC

Step 2. The next step is to get the software that will make any design changes. Download and install the free Classic Shell program ( on PC;

Install the Classic Shell app

Step 3. Open the Classic Shell and check the "Classic with two columns" option;

Select the two-column layout in Classic Shell

Step 4. On the "Skin" tab, open the list and select the "Windows XP Luna" option;

Choose the Windows XP theme in Classic Shell

Step 5. Back to the Classic Shell home screen, check the "Replace Start Button" and select "Custom". Then go to "Pick image";

Customize the appearance of the Start button

Step 6. Navigate to the folder where you saved the images of the Start buttons and select one of the available designs;

Select the look of the Windows XP start button

Step 7. Select "Ok" to apply the theme.

Apply the custom theme using Classic Shell


Step 1. The Start menu has already been changed, but some settings are still missing. One is to change the color of the taskbar. To do this, right click on an empty area of ​​the desktop and select the "Customize" option;

Access the Windows 10 Customization Menu

Step 2. In the "Colors" menu, turn off "Transparency effects", check "Start, taskbar and action center" and select "Custom color";

Edit the Windows taskbar look

Step 3. Open the color picker and enter code # 245EDC to get the exact blue tone of Windows XP. Confirm on "Done" to apply.

Apply the Windows XP blue tone to the taskbar


The finishing touch is the classic Windows XP wallpaper. The image was originally made for low-resolution monitors, but a Reddit user was tasked with producing a 4K version, perfect for any modern screen. Download the file and find it on your computer. Then click the image with the right mouse button to set it as the background.

Use the Windows XP wallpaper in high resolution

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