How to limit downloading apps to save data on Android

Google Play has gained a new role in limiting the download of new apps using Wi-Fi only. What's new prevents the user from spending unnecessary mobile data when downloading programs from the official Android store. With the feature enabled, a new download started is pending until the phone connects to a wireless network.

A similar option already existed before in the app update settings. This time, Google expands the Wi-Fi only restriction when downloading new apps to your smartphone. Here's how to use the function.

Google Play Store allows user to download apps only when connected to Wi-Fi

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Step 1. Open the Play Store app on your phone and go to the side menu. Scroll to the bottom and touch Settings.

Access Play Store settings

Step 2. Touch "App download preference" to control the use of mobile data when downloading applications. By default, Android downloads on any type of connection. To restrict and save 3G or 4G, select the "Wi-Fi only" option and tap "Done."

Restrict apps only via Wi-Fi

Step 3. With the restriction on, Google Play keeps pending downloads, without spending any mobile data, after touching "Install." When you establish a Wi-Fi connection, the download starts automatically.

Only install apps over Wi-Fi to save mobile data

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