How to listen to podcasts in Spotify

Spotify has a section dedicated exclusively to podcasts. Among the options available are programs in Brazilian Portuguese in various segments, such as humor, education, sports and games, as well as productions in English. You can listen to the files in both the desktop version and the Android and iPhone (iOS) app. Check out the following tutorial on how to find and listen to podcasts in Spotify.

Five Spotify Functions You Need to Know

Four Spotify Functions You Need to Know

On the desktop

Step 1. On the Spotify homepage, go to the "Browse" section, click the "Podcasts" option in the main menu;

Access the podcasts available in Spotify

Step 2. The most popular programs and episodes will be opened at the moment;

Spotify's most popular podcasts page

Step 3. Scroll down to find a menu of podcasts organized by category. Click on a category and see the list with options of that genre;

Spotify organizes podcasts by category

Step 4. Choose from the options and click on a podcast icon to open your episodes;

Select a program to listen to your episodes in Spotify

Step 5. Click the "Play" icon or double click on the episode title to listen to the podcast;

Listen to podcasts in Spotify

Step 6. To search for a podcast, enter the desired term in the search field at the top of the screen. Scroll down and see the results in the specific section of "Podcasts and Videos";

You can search for podcasts in the search for Spotify

Step 7. To save a podcast, click the "Follow" button;

Save podcasts to Spotify

Step 8. To access the saved podcasts, click on the "Podcasts" button in the menu on the left side.

Spotify reunites your saved podcasts in a list located in the main menu

On the cellphone

Step 1. Open Spotify and click the "Browse" tab. Then click on the "Podcasts" option;

Find Spotify podcasts on mobile

Step 2. The most popular podcasts and episodes will open. Scroll down and see other options, separated by category. Click on one of them to open it;

Select a podcast category to listen to on Spotify by mobile

Step 3. Choose a program and click on it to see the episodes. Tap on an episode to listen;

Listen to podcasts on Spotify by cell phone

Step 4. Drag the podcast cover to the left and you'll see the synopsis of the program;

See the podcast synopsis in Spotify

Step 5. To access the saved podcasts, click on the "Your library" tab and then on "Podcasts".

Access your podcast saved on Spotify by mobile

Ready! Enjoy the tips and listen to podcasts on Spotify whenever and wherever you like.

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