How to lose weight with healthy eating and exercise with the BetterMe app

The BetterMe application helps those interested in a healthy lifestyle with exercises and suggestions for a balanced diet on a daily basis. The service, available for Android and iPhone (iOS) phones, allows you to activate specific training for the user's goals, such as toning the body, legs, arms, face or other specific areas. In addition, it offers a daily menu with food options for full meals, including the recipe. Remember that the app does not replace a doctor's appointment, responsible for understanding the specific demands for each person.

With the proposal to aid in weight loss and muscle strengthening, the platform provides a training schedule that can be fast, about seven minutes, or longer, ideal to fit the routine of the user. The app is paid, with monthly plan starting at $ 32.90, but allows free trial for up to seven days. To learn how the tool works, see the tutorial below and use BetterMe to have a more active and healthy life.

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Use the BetterMe app for balanced training and diet tips

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Registration at BetterMe

Step 1. After downloading and installing the app, you will need to pre-register to align your users' goals with the platform. To do this, answer which parts of the body are focused on toning and then choose the routine of the workouts. Proceed to "Next step";

Start your registration in the BetterMe app

Step 2. Add personal data such as current weight, height, desired weight and feed (vegetarian option) and click "Next step". Then start the free trial or sign up for one of the subscription packages. It is important to remember that it is important to remove the automatic renewal to avoid charging after the trial period;

Add personal information in the BetterMe app

Step 3. Finally, record the time for day-to-day workouts and conclude by logging into Facebook.

Choose the training schedule and log in with Facebook

Using the BetterMe app

Step 1. Go to the BetterMe app. On the "Workout" tab, scroll the screen to the side and see all the exercise sets available for your goal. There are longer and shorter workouts. Select one and tap "Open Program";

Select one of the BetterMe drills

Step 2. Touch "Start Training". According to the exercise, the level can be measured by a time counter or by number of repetitions. Note that there is an animation to explain how to do the exercise, plus command buttons to fast forward or pause;

Begin your workout and follow the exercise step by step

Step 3. Between each exercise there is a specific pause time, with a preview of which will be the next practice. At the end, it will show the time spent and the calories burned, so as to complete the first day of training;

Wait for the rest time and complete all the exercises in the day's workout.

Step 4. To access the Diet and Meal area, touch the "Feed" menu in the app base. A menu with full daily meals will be opened. To see all, just switch between the date options in the calendar, located at the top of the app. When selecting one of the meals, the user will find the complete recipe, in Portuguese, and the way of preparation.

Access the eating area to see recipes for healthy meals

Ready. Enjoy the BetterMe app and have a healthier lifestyle, with physical activities and a balanced diet.

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