How to make broadcast list on WhatsApp for iPhone

Making transmission list in WhatsApp is useful for sending messages to multiple people at once. The native feature can help users working with event reporting, for example. You can create a list of up to 256 contacts to forward text messages, photos, videos, or audio. Each member of the list receives the message privately and individually in the application.

In the following tutorial, check out how to create and use a streaming playlist on WhatsApp for iPhone (iOS). The procedure was performed on an iPhone 5C with iOS 10. The tips are valid for any model of the Apple phone.

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Learn how to create broadcast listings on WhatsApp for iPhone

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Step 1. Open WhatsApp and tap on "Broadcast Lists" just above your conversations. Then go to "New List" at the bottom of the screen;

Create broadcast list with WhatsApp

Step 2. Select the contacts that will be part of your broadcast list and click "Create" in the upper right corner of the screen. Now, just send messages normally so they are delivered to all members of the list at once;

Choose the mailing list contacts in WhatsApp

Step 3. On the WhatsApp home screen, tap "Broadcast Lists" to access the lists you have created. Tap the "i", to the right of the name, to edit broadcast list;

Access broadcast list created in WhatsApp

Step 4. From there, touch "Edit list ..." to add or remove people or tap "List name" to enter a name for your broadcast list.

Edit participants and list name in WhatsApp

Ready. Take advantage of the tips to send messages in WhatsApp to multiple contacts at once and save time.

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