How to Make the Flower of Death in The Sims 4

In The Sims 4, Electronic Arts' simulation game for PC, PS4 and Xbox One, the Flower of Death is a very rare plant. The flower is used as an ingredient in the Kingdom of Shadows drink, to perfume arrangements and to prepare ragweed, a dish capable of resurrecting the Sims. See, in this tutorial, two ways to get the Flower of Death.

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The Flower of Death is the result of the cross between two species of plants, the Pomegranate and the Orchid. The process is done by grafting, so the Sim must be at least level 7 in the Gardening skill.

The Death Flower has a characteristic skull in the center

The list below contains the items to create a hybrid plant that will give the Flower of Death. Unlike Pomegranate, which can be fished - at any skill level - the Orchid is also produced by the lily graft and the Dragon's Mouth. You'll find all the ingredients in Sylvan's Clearing, one of the secret lots of the game.


  • Lily Flower
  • A cut of Mouth-of-dragon
  • A pomegranate

Step 1. Fish the Pomegranate in Sylvan Lake Clearing Lake;

Fish the Pomegranate at the Lake of the Clearing Sylvana in The Sims 4

Step 2. In the same place, take a Lily and a cut of the Dragon-Mouth;

Collect a Lily and a cut of the Mouth of the Dragon on The Sims 4

Step 3. With all the items in the inventory, plant Pomegranate and Lily;

In a pot or patch, first plant Pomegranate and Lily in The Sims 4

Step 4. When the Lily reaches adulthood, use the "Grind" option to add the Dragon Mouth cut to the plant;

Combine the Mouth-of-Dragon branch with the Lily plant in The Sims 4

Step 5. Now you will have a split plant that can give Lily, Mouth-of-dragon and Orchid. Grow the species until you get an Orchid;

With the graft you will have a split plant that will also give Orchids on The Sims 4

Step 6. Then save a cut of Pomegranate in the inventory;

When Pomegranate reaches adulthood, get a cut of the tree in The Sims 4

Step 7. Plant the Orchid and wait for the plant to reach adulthood;

Step 8. Use the option "Graft" again and add the cut of Pomegranate to Orchid. Okay, now you have a species that will give the Death Blossom.

Combine the cut of Pomegranate with the Orchid to create another hybrid plant in The Sims 4

The cultivation process is a little time consuming and the Flower of Death does not always appear at first, but keep trying. If you have the Seasons expansion of The Sims 4, do not forget to take into account the weather, as each plant gives flowers at a different season.

The result will be another split plant that can give the Flower of Death

How to get the Death Flower using cheats

If you do not have time to do this whole process, use the "bb.showhiddenobjects" code, without quotes. Open the building mode (F2) and search for "Death Blossom" in the search bar. With this cheat you can buy the flower normally in the menu of objects of the game.

Use codes to buy Death Flower in The Sims 4 building mode

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