How to Make Money Fast in Kingdom Come: Deliverance

In Kingdom Come: Deliverance, open world RPG for PS4, Xbox One and PC (Steam), there are few lucky ones who have coins to drink and dress well. However, Henry can open his way to wealth in many ways, whether with his skills or through illegal activities. Here's how to make money in the game.

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Steal the nobles

The first method to make money is very simple, steal from the rich to give to the poor - in this case, yourself. Upon arriving in Rattay, pay your debt with Miller Peshek to learn about theft and where to sell illegal items. With these skills and a few lockpicks in your pocket, visit the home of some nobles in town and steal your valuables.

How to Make Money Fast in Kingdom Come: Deliverance

The best time to do this is in the morning, as people leave their rooms and offices. Be very careful not to be caught by guards or detected by the residents themselves. Wear light clothing that is quiet and crouched.

Then sell these objects to the Woyzeck or Simon NPCs.

Assault Bandits

The old saying goes that thief stealing thief has a hundred years of forgiveness. If this is true, it matters little, for the only certainty is that Henry will make good money by doing so. Bandits appear in forests and roads, often stealing merchants or bodies. Take the opportunity to attack by surprise and take all your belongings.

Steal items from bad guys to earn money on Kingdom Come: Deliverance

An easy way to find them is with the quick trip (attack on the road). However, all caution is minimal, as they may appear in groups. Having a horse is paramount to flee if the wrong attack.

You can also steal travelers in Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Henry can also extort common travelers (wayfarers) on the roads, just make sure no one is watching. Use the hang option to steal money without leaving clues to the assault. You will be confronted (and arrested) by guards if you are caught performing any illegal activity.

Swap ears for money

Sir Robard in Talmberg and Captain Bernard in Rattay are NPCs who exchange their ears for money. It may seem strange, but throughout the campaign Henry will receive missions to eliminate Cumanos and bandits. The ears will serve as "evidence" that he gave the message.

Talk to Bernard to hunt bandits in exchange for money in Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Put a dagger in the inventory - buy from merchants or steal one of the bandits themselves - and go hunting for those two. When killing a Cumanus or bandit, the ear will appear in the list of loot items.

Sell ​​plants and herbs

The ability to collect plantar (herbalism) is not just for alchemy in Kingdom Come. Henry can make good money by selling large quantities of raw material to the merchants.

Henry can make good money by selling plants and herbs in Kingdom Come: Deliverance

The first step is to raise your skill level. Take all kinds of plants and herbs you find in your travels. The higher the level, the more items Henry will collect at once. Plants still have the advantage of weighing little. Sell ​​as much as you can get.

Real Estate Management

Advanced weapons and armor are difficult to use at the outset and cost very dearly. However, Henry can get one for free if he finds the right spot on the map. At Kingdom Come, it is possible to purchase one of these equipment early in the game near the village of Neuhof .

Sell ​​the advanced equipments to get rich at the beginning of Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Below, you can check the location of the items on the map. Follow this path until you find a small abandoned camp in the middle of nowhere. Near the bonfire will have an open chest with all these items.

The item with the items is north of the city of Neuhof in Kingdom Come: Deliverance

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