How to Make Money on Rules of Survival

Rules of Survival is a "Battle Royale" style game available for Android, iOS and PC (with download via emulation). The game is free, but offers a purchase system capable of providing visual benefits to modify the appearance of the characters. The items themselves do not change the gameplay, but they make the experience more fun. It is possible to get money - or rather, gold - just by playing or spending real money. Learn how in our guide:

How to play Rules of Survival on PC

Rules of Survival: See how to get rich in the game

How to get gold in Rules of Survival

First method: buying

This is the most painful method in the pocket. Rules of Survival allows you to buy gold with diamonds which, in turn, can be bought for real money. This is not the most appropriate option for those who want to play without spending anything and the decision to acquire or not should be left to the player.

Buy with real money is one of the ways to get gold in Rules of Survival

To buy, just go to the game's online store and access the "add-on" option. The most basic package of 60-piece diamonds costs $ 1, or about $ 4. One diamond equals 10 diamonds, so make the count of how many diamonds you need so you can always keep in mind how much you need to buy.

Second method: free boxes

From time to time, Rules of Survival gives free boxes with gold in the initial menu. They recharge with time and give up to 500 gold. Just wait and touch them so that the gold is added to your account.

From time to time, boxes with gold appear in the Rules of Survival

However, the time varies greatly. In addition, there is a maximum limit of five boxes per day. In general, the time between one and the other is three hours, cumulatively, so it is possible to redeem everything at one time at the end of the day, but the amount of gold will always be less.

Third method: playing

Playing is the best and most "fair" way to get gold in Rules of Survival. The game rewards you in every game, even if you do not win and you get very low in the ranking of a match - that is, even if you die early in multiplayer mode.

Playing is the best way to get money in Rules of Survival

In an hour's play, for example, you can easily get over two thousand gold. In a match where you finish in the top 50, you can leave with about 350 gold, for example. In addition to getting through the initial menu, it is the most natural and practical way to get gold.

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