How to make photos collage with Canva for Android

The Canva application is a tool that allows you to create collages with photos from your phone. With free download for Android, it has several templates for editable collages, where users can change the images and phrases to create a unique montage.

At the end of the editing process, the app offers sharing options with social networks and online messengers. To learn how to create stylish and stylish collages using your phone, follow the walkthrough of this tutorial.

Canva App lets you create photo collages with images from your phone to share on messengers and social networks

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Step 1. Open the Canva and touch the "See All" option next to "Photo Collage". In the next window, touch one of the editable collage templates.

Option to view and use templates for collages of the Canva app

Step 2. Tap one of the collage frames to place the photos on your phone as a replacement option. Touch the desired image so that it is added to the frame. Repeat the procedure to add images saved in the phone to other areas of the paste template.

Option to use mobile images in collages of the Canva app

Step 3. Double-tap the template phrase and type something. Confirm the visa icon at the top right of the screen.

Option to edit phrases in collages of the Canva app

Step 4. Touch one of the collage frames and then the "Filter" option. Choose one of the color patterns to add to the image. Repeat this procedure with each photo added to the frames. When done, tap Share. Finally, use one of the sharing options to send your assembly to friends.

Options for filtering and sharing an image in the Canva app

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