How to make posts for Facebook and Instagram with Crello

Crello is an online service that has several ready-made and editable templates for creating posts for Facebook, Instagram and other social networks. The templates come with different designs, colors and themes, and already have the appropriate format to publish in the profile without having to go through complex editors like Photoshop.

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The platform offers a vast free catalog of designs to use, as well as the Canva. Here's how to use Crello to make attractive social media posts even without knowing graphic design.

Tutorial shows how to use Crello templates for posts on social networks

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Step 1. Access the Crello in the browser and press "Register" in the upper right corner to create an account;

Create an account on Crello

Step 2. The site allows you to sign in quickly using Facebook or Google. There is also option to register with email and password. Select "Register" to proceed;

Register on Crello

Step 3. Crello shows on the first screen the most popular formats of ready-made designs. In the "View all formats" button, you can access the collection of templates;

Access the Crello format archive

Step 4. Select "Social Publications" to see templates of six types: for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest and a general for other platforms. Choose one to advance;

Select the type of post according to the social network

Step 5. When opening the Crello editor, select "Choose category" to get a grid of starting point themes. Choose from food, beauty, education, fashion, sports and many others;

Choose a theme to filter Crello templates

Step 6. Next, choose a design in the next column according to the selected theme. Click to open the template in the edit area;

Click on a template option to start editing in Crello

Step 7. The text content of the templates usually comes in English, but just click on the letters to access an editor and replace manually. The tool brings options to modify font, size, color, justification, spacing, underline, and other common attributes of text editors;

Edit Crello designs English texts

Step 8. When you click on objects, Crello offers similar options. You can adjust color, transparency, positioning, inversion and more;

Edit design shapes in Crello

Step 9. At the end of the design, write the name of the file and press "Download";

Step 10. Crello gives you five options of formats to download the file: jpg, png, png with transparency, pdf and pdf to print. Click to start downloading to your computer and use it on social networks.

Download the Crello design in five different formats

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