How to make print in Snapchat without getting caught with Google Assistant

The Google Assistant allows you to "trick" Snapchat and snap snaps without being delivered. By default, the social network app informs the author of the photo or video when another person prints the image. The rule is a way to alert users that content, shared for a period of only 24 hours, has been copied permanently by someone. However, with a simple trick of the virtual assistant, it is possible to fool the social network program and circumvent the "complaint." Here's how to do it.

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Step 1. Open Snapchat and access snaps like you usually do when browsing the social network. When viewing the photo or video you want, simply press the "home" button for a few seconds or say "OK, Google" to activate the wizard. If the home button is hidden by the full screen mode, simply drag the bottom finger up on the display and the bar will appear;

Launch the Google Snapchat Wizard

Step 2. The Google Assistant will open with some suggestions for action. Drag the options from right to left until you reach the "Share screenshot". Apps with which you can share, edit, or save the image (such as Google Photos or Drive) will appear onscreen. Just touch the one you want and follow the procedures corresponding to the chosen program to save the print.

Choose the app you want to share the print with in Snapchat

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