How to make quotes and references at ABNT in the Mendeley app

Mendeley is a free program that has tools for standardizing CBT texts and articles in ABNT standards. In the form of a plug-in for Microsoft Word, it integrates its resources into the text editor, providing tools for citation in footnotes and building bibliographic references in its monograph or Course Completion Work.

Mendeley was developed by Elsevir, one of the world's largest scientific, technical and medical information analysis and reporting companies. Check out this tutorial how to use the tool to add references to academic research in a simple, fast and secure way.

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Step 1. With your computer connected to the Internet and already with a Mendeley login account, open the Mendeley desktop program. On the homepage, go to the "Tools" tab and select the "Install MS Word Plugin" option. After a few seconds an extension of the software will be installed in Microsoft Word, in the "References" tab;

In the Mendeley application, select the highlighted alternatives to install the plug-in in Word

Step 2. After this installation, it is necessary to configure the normative style of the Mendeley references. In Microsoft Word, go to the "References" tab and select the "Style" checkbox. The opinion "Brazilian Association of Technical Standards" (ABNT) should be listed in the options; select it. If you do not have this option, choose the alternative "More Styles ..." at the end of the dropdown menu;

In the "Reference" tab, click "Style" and select ABNT - if you do not have this option, press "More Styles ..."

Step 3. Selecting "More Styles ..." will open a configuration window on the Mendeley desktop. Click on the "Get More Styles" tab, type "Brazilian Association of Technical Standards" in the search text box, select the result and press download if it is not downloaded. Tick ​​the "Done" button when you complete the selection operation;

If you do not have ABNT, the "More Styles ..." alternative will open options for searching and downloading this style in the Mendeley

Step 4. With the ABNT already selected, select a quote in your text and in the "References" tab, press the "Insert Citation" button;

After a quote in the text, click on "Insert Citation", on the "References" tab,

Step 5. A small window of the Mendeley plug-in will open. Write the author's name, article title, year, or excerpt from the quote in the text box to begin searching for the work in the Mendeley library;

Enter the name of the author, title of the article or excerpt from the quotation to seek the reference of the work in the Mendeley

Step 6. The results will be displayed with bold highlights in the relevance of the search term. Select the work that is reference of the section in question and press the "OK" button to complete the operation;

Choose the work from the Mendeley library and press "OK"

Step 7. Microsoft Word will display a reference note indication, while the reference of the Mendeley library work will be inserted directly in the footer of the text page;

The citation will be referenced automatically as a footnote

Step 8. To create a list with the bibliographic reference of all the works cited in your text, still in the "References" tab, select "Insert Bibliography". The sequence of the bibliography referenced in the text will be displayed in alphabetical order and already in the ABNT normalization.

Click "Insert Blbliography" to create the bibliographic reference of the texts cited and in alphabetical order

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