How to Make Vampyr Serums and Medications, RPG Game with Vampires

In Vampyr, game of DONTNOD Entertainment for PS4, Xbox One and PC (download via Steam), preparing medicines is essential to treat patients in a city devastated by influenza. So, see the guide on how to prepare medicines and serums, check out:

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Diseases and their consequences

In addition to the Spanish flu, other diseases plague the population of London in Vampyr. Curing or neglecting the population has a direct impact on the health of the districts and the quality of each patient's blood. But not all remedies are available right from the start. To deal with the nine infirmities of the game, you must analyze three recipes.

How to Make Sera and Medications in Vampyr

Fortunately, the first three formulas for treating fatigue, anemia and sepsis are available early in the story. With the right ingredients, Dr. Reid can create these medications on the manufacturing table, either in a stash or in his own Pembroke Hospital office.

To unlock new drugs in Vampyr, you need to analyze recipes

Cold, bronchitis and pneumonia

The prescription for curing cold, bronchitis and pneumonia is in the "Night Shift" mission. Talk to Nurse Crane and head to the morgue at Pembroke Hospital. After the fight with the boss, John Doe, scour the top of the room. The Enigmatic Formula is in a shiny dresser.

Headache, migraine and neuralgia

The latest formula for treating headache, migraine and neuralgia is available in Chapter 3, "The Eye Was in the Tomb". Head to the Stonebridge Cemetery, the same as the secondary mission given by Father Tobias Whitaker. Now the map is all open and you can access other areas of the graveyard. Watch the funeral, then go to the point indicated in the orange circle, shown in the image below.

Go to the point marked on the map to find the last three recipes of Vampyr

On the left you will see a body. Take the Strange Formula recipe and look at the manufacturing table to get all three medicines.

Inspect the body at Stonebridge Cemetery for Vampyr recipe


Sera are the result of blood testing and offer great advantage in combat. With this remedy, the protagonist can heal faster and avoid death. Whenever you get a blood sample, be sure to look it up on the production table. To know which ingredients to use at home serum, hover the cursor over the recipe.

Analyze blood samples to produce healing sera in Vampyr

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