How to make a vlog in Youtubers Life

Youtubers Life is a simulator available for download on Steam (PC), in which the player can record vlogs and conquer fans with their own channel on YouTube. The difference is that the game is not limited to the videos of gameplay, recipes or songs of the moment. You can also do event coverage or interviews with other famous YouTubers. Check out, in this tutorial, tips and step-by-step how to record a vlog in Youtubers Life.

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The option to record a vlog appears only during events. In other words, to start recording you have to buy the ticket or be invited. However, parties and cinemas do not count. The event needs to be large or related to the theme of your channel (games, cooking or music).

How to make a vlog in Youtubers Life

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Step 1. Open the event icon on your phone;

Click the events tab on your mobile in Youtubers Life

Step 2. Choose an event from games, cooking or music and click on more (+);

Youtubers Life: search for a game event, or the theme of your channel, and click on more (+)

Step 3. Press "Buy ticket" and wait for the day of the event;

Buy tickets to participate in Youtubers Life

Step 4. A notification will notify you of what event is starting. Dress up according to the theme and click "Go to event";

Vlog "

Step 5. Finally, right-click on your character and select "Burn vlog". The character will make a live recording and you can choose your actions in the same way that the recordings are made inside the apartment. At home, edit the video and post.

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