How to make WhatsApp stickers with the Sticker Studio app

To make cards and send in WhatsApp, users can use the free Sticker Studio app. The application allows you to create free personalized stickers to send on Android phones. You can create your own figurines with files from your gallery, friends' pictures, or images captured on the spot with the camera. Devices running the Google operating system were the first to receive the WhatsApp cards, which were released in late October. For the iPhone (iOS), the function arrived two days later.

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To send the icons to WhatsApp, you need to create a package with at least three cards. The application allows up to 10 custom packages with 30 images each, at most. The tool allows marking the area of ​​the figure that will be turned into adhesive and thus leave the most original sticker. Here's how to make your own stickers for WhatsApp with the Sticker Studio app.

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Sticker Maker application creates custom stickers for WhatsApp

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Create a figurine pack

Step 1. Before creating the figurines, you need to create a package to group them together. Touch the "+" icon to create a new package. You will have to create a sticker to be used as the cover photo of this album. Inform if the image will be sent from the gallery ("Select photo") or captured with the camera ("Capture photo");

Create a sticker pack for WhatsApp with Sticker Studio

Step 2. Select the image, and then drag your finger around the object that will be transformed into a cover sticker. Note the presence of a trace that will delimit the adhesive;

Sticker Studio creates your picture cards for use in WhatsApp

Step 3. A preview of the cover sticker will appear on the screen - the entire checkered area will be removed from the image. Click "Save" to confirm the format or go to "Try again" to perform a new demarcation. Finally, give the package a name and end it by clicking "Save".

App Sticker Studio sends its own sticker packs to use in WhatsApp

Create a figurine

Step 1. Select the album that has just been created, and then tap the "+" icon to create a new figurine. Inform if the image will be sent from the gallery of the device ("Select photo") or captured with the camera ("Capture photo");

Create your own sticker for WhatsApp with Sticker Studio

Step 2. Next, select the image that will be used and mark the sticker by getting around the desired object with your finger;

Sticker Studio delimits the area of ​​the photo that will be transformed into a WhatsApp

Step 3. Tap "Save" to finish. Create two more stickers to reach the minimum number required by the app to send the package to WhatsApp;

Sticker Maker package must have at least three photos to be uploaded to WhatsApp

Step 4. To send the figurine pack to WhatsApp, click the messenger logo icon in the upper right corner of the screen. Then choose the "Add" option.

Send sticker maker's own sticker packs to WhatsApp

Step 5. The stickers will be added immediately and you can already send to your friends in WhatsApp.

Send stickers created by Sticker Studio on WhatsApp

Ready. Enjoy the tip, create stickers that are "your face" with Sticker Studio and share with friends in WhatsApp.

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