How to make withdrawals without using the card using the Banco do Brasil app

Banco do Brasil's account holders no longer have to worry about withdrawals at the ATM. Using the "No Cash" tool available in the bank app for Android and iPhone (iOS), users can cash out bank accounts using only a few simple commands on their smartphone.

The feature is ideal for situations where the user needs to release a service remotely to someone - as in third-party payments - since the amount to be withdrawn is decided by the smartphone and the code works only once, making the action completely safe. Check out the step-by-step below how to use the feature. The procedure was performed on an iPhone 6S.

Without "allows you to make withdrawals without using the credit card

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In the BB application

Step 1. With the app open, access your Banco do Brasil account. On the homepage, click "Menu" at the bottom left.

Step 2. Go to "Services". The app will then display some of its available functions. Select "Take Out".

Step 3. Now, select if you want to receive the code to withdraw by SMS or through the screen of the cell phone. In our case, we selected "On your smartphone screen." Then enter the desired value and your password. Click "Confirm."

smartphone screen "and then enter the desired value and password

Okay, now the application will show you the code that should be used in one of the bank's ATMs. Remember: the feature does not work on 24-hour network boxes, only from BB.

At the end, write down your code to use it in the BB box

At the ATM

Unlike the "Mobile withdrawal", where you must have your smartphone on hand to make the withdrawal, "No Cash" allows you to withdraw the value only through the generated code. Check the instructions in the BB self-service terminal.

Step 1. At Banco do Brasil's ATM, click on "Options without card".

Step 2. Now, click on "Cash Out" to display the options available for withdrawal.

Step 3. In the withdrawal menu, go to "Take Out".

No "to open the service page

Step 4. In this part, enter the code generated in the BB application and the value to be withdrawn. Remember that the value of the service must be the same as entered in the app, otherwise the operation will not complete.

Enter the code displayed on your smartphone and the amount to be withdrawn

Ready! If the information is correct, the ATM will display a message saying that the withdrawal has been successful. Just withdraw the money in the indicated place.

At the end, just withdraw the money in the indicated place

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