How to master photo search in Google Photos

Google Photos is the official image gallery app for some Android smartphones. In addition to cloud storage, the app also provides tools for doing internal searches, using facial recognition of saved photos, voice search, finding different folders on the device, or even images by categories such as landscapes or selfies.

Want to know how to use these tips? Check out the step by step tested on Android, but that should work similarly on the iPhone (iOS).

See tips for searching for images in Google Photos

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1) Search for facial recognition

Step 1. The application allows you to find several photos by facial recognition of friends. Thus, there is a bench with all the images of each face that appears in your photos. To do this, open Google Photos and select "Albums" from the menu. Then touch the category "People and pets."

Find Google Photos facial recognition category

Step 2. All your friends who have appeared in your photos will be shown with the "faces" in each square. Just select one of the contacts to access the full bank with all the photos that include that person, organized by date.

Find photos of your friends and pets on Google Photos

2) Smart Search

Step 1. Google Photos has a smart search system that allows you to link data and images in a practical way. Just add a keyword, such as the name of a location, for example, to work. This intersection of information brings together the place where the photo was taken, friends, image content and more.

Use Google Photos smart search with keywords

3) For different folders

Step 1. On Android, the images are saved in separate folders, and Google Photos also separates the files between them. To find it, open the app and tap "Albums". Note that there will be folders separated by "Camera", "Screenshots", "WhatsApp Images" and all others. Just touch one of them to open the specific content with images and videos.

Find photos saved in folders on your phone

4) Find photos by locations

Step 1. Google Photos also separates the images by automatically identifying the places. To do this, select the "Albums" tab in the menu and then note that all saved locations will be listed on the screen.

Find photos by places in Google Photos

Step 2. Just select one of the locations to expand all the pictures related to the place. At the top will also show the albums and folders that may contain photos related to the locale.

See all photos related to each place

5) Photos separated by type

Step 1. To simplify the search, the user can find his selfies, 360ยบ images, collages and more. To do this, tap the search bar at the top of the app. Then note that the fast categories will be listed just below. Tapping on one of them will only show related images, sorted by date.

Find photos by the quick categories in Google Photos

6) Voice Search

Step 1. The search for images can also be done by voice, without typing. Tap the search bar and select the "microphone" button at the top right.

Search for photos with your voice in Google Photos

Step 2. Say a keyword and wait for the ID. The app will show all the images and videos related to the search.

Wait for the keyword to read and see the result of images in Google Photos

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