How to measure and know how many inches the monitor has

The screen size of a computer or notebook is usually reported in the box and instruction manual of the product. However, when purchasing a used PC, without this documentation, the user may be in doubt if they are in fact buying the advertised product. Luckily, it's pretty simple to figure out the size of the monitor: just measure the distance diagonally and convert the unit from centimeters to inches.

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Check out the next step by step to find out how big a PC or laptop monitor is. For the procedure, you will need a ruler or tape measure, depending on how big of the screen in question. If the unit already has units in inch, you do not need to perform the conversion at the end of the tutorial.

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Learn to measure the size of a desktop or notebook screen

Step 1. Measure the screen diagonally. Position the top of the ruler or tape measure in one of the corners and note the measurement;

Measure the screen diagonally

Step 2. If your ruler is small or you can not measure the screen diagonally, you can measure the base and height of the monitor and use the Pythagorean Theorem to find the value of the diagonal. In the image below, observe the formula already adapted;

Use the formula to find the measure diagonally

Step 3. If your ruler has inch sizes, you do not need to do anything else. If you have measured in centimeters, simply divide the value obtained by 2.54 to convert the unit to inch. 14 "screens, for example, should measure about 35.56 cm;

Converting measurement in centimeter to inch

In the following table, check out the most common screen sizes for notebooks and PC monitors.

Most popular screen sizes

Value in inchesValue in centimeter
13.3 inches33.78 cm
14 inches35.56 cm
15.6 inches39, 62 cm
17.3 inches43.94 cm
19.5 inches49.53 cm
21.5 inches54.61 cm
23 inches58.42 cm
24 inches60.96 cm
28 inches71.12 cm
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