How to mirror the cell phone screen on Sony Bravia smart TV

Sony Bravia smart TVs allow you to mirror your phone to see the content on the big screen. The feature does not depend on external devices such as Chromecast, and does not require your smartphone and TV to be connected on the same Wi-Fi network. It works based on Miracast wireless technology, compatible with Android devices.

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As the default does not work on iOS systems, it is not possible to perform the procedure to play the screen of an iPhone for Sony Bravia. Check out the step-by-step guide below how to access the function.

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Miracast enables the transmission of content between Android and TV; learn how to do step by step in Sony Bravia

Step 1. Press the Input key to open the Input Menu on the top left of the TV. Use the navigation arrows on the remote control to select the "Screen Mirror" option;

Access screen mirroring in the Sony Bravia TV Input menu

Step 2. The TV will go into mirroring mode and wait for the cellular connection. Check the model of your TV to check on your smartphone;

Check out the model of your Sony Bravia TV

Step 3. On the mobile phone, access the mirroring function. The feature name varies from model to device model: on Motorola phones, it is often called "Screen Mirroring"; on Samsung, is integrated with "Smart View". In general, the function is located in the Android shortcut menu. Then select the option with the same code displayed on the TV screen to start the connection.

Connect your phone to Sony Bravia TV via Miracast

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