How to mute notifications from a contact in Instagram Direct

Instagram allows the user to silence notifications of any unwanted contact or group in the Directs. When you take action, you will not receive alerts for new messages or video call attempts on your mobile phone screen. Note that the muted friend will be able to send messages normally. That is, the user will not only be notified, but will be able to access the conversation when chat is opened. Check out the following tutorial on how to mute a friend's notifications on Instagram Direct.

Copying text from Instagram

How to mute direct messages or video calls in Instagram Direct

Step 1. Open Instagram Direct and drag the conversation that will be silenced to the left side of the screen. The "Mute" button will be displayed next to the conversation. Touch it.

Muting a conversation in Instagram Direct

Step 2. A menu will appear at the bottom of the screen. Touch the option you want to mute new messages or video calls.

Mute messages or video chat on Instagram Direct

Step 3. Note that the muted conversation will show a blocked sound icon.

Conversation silenced on Instagram Direct shows blocked sound icon

Another method

Step 1. You can also mute a contact or group by opening the conversation and tapping on the little box next to the user name at the top of the screen. A menu with options to mute will open in the next screen.

Muting an Instagram Direct contact within the conversation itself

Ready. Take the hint to silence unwanted conversations from friends or groups on Instagram.

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