How to open Google Maps in car mode

Google Maps for Android has a car mode where the interface is simplified and the buttons get bigger making it much easier to use the app for who is driving. Using the function normally requires accessing the menu and selecting an option, but with the following tip, you'll find it simple to open Maps directly in automotive mode.

Check out the next step, how to add a shortcut to Google Maps car mode on your phone's home screen. The feature is unique to smartphones with the Google system and is not available in the iPhone app (iOS).

Google Maps for Android has a shortcut to open the app in car mode; learn how to use

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Step 1. Go to the widget gallery, which can vary from cell to cell. On Motorola smartphones, you must keep your finger pressed over an empty space on the home screen and then tap Widgets.

Access Android Widgets

Step 2. Locate the Google Maps app and drag the "Car Mode" item to the desired location on your home screen. If the option is not visible, slide the widgets to the left.

Adding shortcut to car mode

Step 3. Whenever you want to start Google Maps direct in car mode, just use the shortcut.

Use the added icon to open Google Maps in car mode

Take the hint to quickly access the Google Maps car mode on your phone.

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