How to order food at Glovo

The free Glovo app is a different choice of delivery service to order food from the cell phone. Available for free for iPhone (iOS) and Android smartphones, this tool relies on people who work to deliver deliveries to the user's home. As with iFood and similar, Glovo uses the person's address to find restaurant suggestions. In this way, users can place orders and pay their account with the credit card.

In its database, the app offers several restaurant options that guarantee everything from healthy food to pizzas and fast foods. To find out how to place a food order on the phone using Glovo, follow our tutorial on an iPhone 7 upgraded with iOS 11.

Tutorial shows how to use the Glovo app to order food on your cell phone

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Step 1. Open the application and choose a login option. For this example, we will use the "Facebook" option. Then tap "Continue and sign up".

Action to register an account in the Glovo app

Step 2. Click "Continue as (Facebook username)". When you access the app, touch "Set a delivery address" at the top of the screen.

Action to add an address in the Glovo delivery app

Step 3. Click "Add Address" and enter the name of the street and house or apartment. Touch the corresponding result to continue.

Action to enter an address in the Glovo delivery app

Step 4. Click on "Floor, add-on" and enter your apartment number or additional information about your home. To continue, tap Done.

Action to add walking and delivery info on the Glovo app

Step 5. Click the "Food" option and then "Restaurants".

Action to search restaurants in the Glovo delivery app

Step 6. Choose a type of food at the top of the screen to set the type of restaurant to search. Then touch one of the establishments to open the menu and tap one of the available dishes.

Action to choose a type of food in a restaurant in the Glovo app

Step 7. Choose add-ons for the dish and tap "Add to Order".

Action to save a food request in the Glovo app

Step 8. Enter your credit card and your phone contact at the indicated locations. To finish the order, touch "Confirm order".

Action to finalize a food order in the Glovo app

Ready! Use the Glovo app to order food over the phone whenever you need it.

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