How to pass files from one notebook to another over a network cable

Connecting two notebooks via a network cable to transfer files between them may be a good option in the absence of another storage device such as pen drive or external HD. For this, it is not necessary that the computers are connected via Wi-Fi, since the procedure involves the creation of a local network suitable for both machines.

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Check out the following tutorial how to connect two PCs with Ethernet cable to transfer images, videos and documents directly from one HD to another. It is worth mentioning that the step by step works for notebooks with Windows system.

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Step 1. Connect the computers using a network cable. Then open the file explorer and locate the "Local Disk" on the computer that will transmit files. Right-click the item and select "Grant access to> Advanced sharing";

Access Local Disk Sharing

Step 2. On the next screen, click on "Advanced sharing";

Go to advanced sharing

Step 3. Check the "Share Folder" and click "Ok";

Share directory C with network

Step 4. From there, your files in the C directory can be shared individually with the other computer. Click a file with the right mouse button and select "Grant access to> Specific people";

Share a file or folder on the network

Step 5. Select "Everyone" in the list of people and click "Add". Because the network is limited to one more computer, security problems are reduced. Then click "Share";

Grant permission to share on the network

Step 6. On the second computer, open the file explorer and click "Network" to see the PC connected via cable. Click to open. It is possible that Windows prompts for login and password to access the files. The information is the same as that used to unlock the selected computer;

Access your computer on the network

Step 7. The file shared on a computer will be available in the folder.

Access the shared file via network cable

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