How to play Android phone games on your TV with Chromecast

Chromecast is a device that takes to the TV any content displayed on the screen of the Android phone, including games. Even if a Google Play game does not offer compatibility with Google's dongle, it's possible to resort to mirroring your smartphone. It is worth remembering that by mirroring the screen to play, the user can perceive delays between their interaction and what is displayed on the television.

However, the function follows as the only alternative if you do not have more advanced equipment with Android TV. See the tutorial on how to play any game on your phone on Chromecast.

Here's how to cast a game from your phone to your TV via Chromecast

Chromecast: Tips for Improving Android Screen and Audio Mirroring

Step 1. Download and install the Google Home app and make sure your phone and Chromecast are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Go to the side menu of the application and select the "Transmit screen / audio" option. Then touch the "Transmit screen / audio" button.

Connect to Chromecast via Google Home

Step 2. Select your Chromecast from the pop-up window to connect. A persistent notification will confirm that the phone is mirroring active on the TV.

Connect to Chromecast to start mirroring

Step 3. Open a game on your phone and watch the full-screen content on the TV. It is important to put the phone in airplane mode and leave only Wi-Fi enabled so as not to be interrupted by notifications during game play. Also, bear in mind that heavy games tend to have a longer delay between what is displayed on the phone and on TV.

Mobile game is mirrored on TV with Chromecast

Step 4. When finished, access the mirror notification and tap "Disconnect" to cancel the transmission.

Disconnect your phone from Chromecast to stop mirroring

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