How to play Challenge Mode in Mega Man X Legacy Collection

Mega Man X Legacy Collection is the collection of eight classic titles from the X series. Published by Capcom and available for PS4, Xbox One, PC (Steam) and Nintendo Switch, the title brings graphic improvements, filters, galleries and, of course, new ways to please newbies and longtime fans. Check out how to play the unprecedented Challenge Mode:

Mega Man: See the Facts About the Popular Franchise

Challenge Mode is nothing more than a challenging mode in which you can tackle nostalgic Maverick bosses of the X saga on one screen, something that never happened. The novelty allows us to face, at the same time, two bosses with different characteristics, providing a challenge well above average.

Mega Man X Legacy Collection: learn how to play the new challenge mode

Instead of being inserted inside one of the games, Challenge Mode is available on the initial screen of the compilation, since it brings together enemies of all games. Before entering the match, make sure you have completed all the stages so as not to spoil the spoiler surprise - if it is your first contact with Mega Man X.

The mode has three levels of difficulty, from easy to difficult, although the "easy" setting is a little high for casual players who are not adapted to the franchise. There is also a timer which, depending on the difficulty selected, may be higher or lower.

Mega Man X Legacy Collection: Challenge Mode allows you to face two bosses at once

As the player exterminates enemies and advances, new bosses pair up to hinder progress. Each sequence has a specific time limit, so you have to act fast so you do not get behind in the clashes.

Mega Man X Legacy Collection: Bosses have time limits, but you can use special abilities

Records and sequences are recorded on leader boards, challenge-specific, and accessible from the menu. The list with the best users is, in a way, an incentive to keep the player committed to keep playing and to surpass records.

Mega Man X Legacy Collection: You can check your records in online rankings

To make life easier for the blue robot and his teammates, there are modifiers that give character improvements. At critical moments of combat, try to intersperse between combinations of special blows and charged shots to do well.

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