How to play Dissidia Final Fantasy NT, new game of the fight series

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT is the new game of the RPG and fight saga of Square Enix, released on consoles exclusively on PS4, and puts you in charge of heroes and villains of the series. Commanding figures like Sephiroth, Cloud, Squall, Noctis, Lightning, Zidane, among others, it is possible to participate in clashes that will lead you to high scores in the ranking, allow you to unlock new visuals to the characters, among other benefits. But for that, you need to understand how the game works. Follow the steps and understand how to play:

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT is RPG series fighting game for PS4

Basic Controls

Although it seems simple, Dissidia NT is quite technical. The game is focused on action, but brings fighting into teams of three on each side. The arena is 3D, with free 360-degree movement. The player-controlled character always focuses on an opponent, but can change his focus from the target with the L2 and R2 buttons.

How to Play Dissidia Final Fantasy NT

The circle and square buttons activate the basic attacks - we'll talk more about them next. The triangle button is responsible for a secondary spell. Combining the triangle button with the directional button up or down activates even differentiated attacks. Knowing how to combine all these attacks and use them at the right time is key to victory in the fights.

How to Attack with Bravery

Bravery is the number that accompanies the energy bar of the character, but that does not take life from the enemy. It indicates the "bravery" of your warrior, indicates how much damage your blows will draw, based on how much you draw from the opponent.

How to Play Dissidia Final Fantasy NT

That is: by pressing the square button, you attack with Bravery and suck that of the opponent, adding to yours. The higher your number, the greater the damage to your opponent. However, if the opponent's number is zeroed, he will be dizzy for some time and will not be able to attack for a few seconds.

How to attack with HP

The HP represents the life points of the opponent. They are the ones you must eliminate when fighting enemies. Press the circle button to perform an HP attack. However, the amount of damage your attack will take will be calculated based on the Bravery displayed above the power bar.

How to Play Dissidia Final Fantasy NT

The goal is to eliminate opponents three times to win, no matter what, nor any order you do that. So the idea is to end their HP after sucking their Bravery for a while. It's no use, however, to always attack HP. The player needs to strike a balance at the time of combat.

How to use the invocations

Invocations are gigantic creatures that arise during combat and help you, either by attacking enemies or by healing allies. They are chosen before the fights and enter the field from the moment a special bar is filled.

How to Play Dissidia Final Fantasy NT

This bar is white and is at the top of the screen. It is filled as the characters in your group collect crystals, which appear on the battlefield and can be broken. Crystals appear randomly and are targeted by any character, any team. The idea is to be faster than opponents, always.

How to change the characters

It is not possible to change character in the middle of the battle in Dissidia NT. When we quote "change the persongens, " we mean customizations. They are accessible in the game's home menu by pressing the triangle button on the controller. In Skin Sets you can modify a character's appearance by choosing an alternate skin.

How to Play Dissidia Final Fantasy NT

Remember that, as in other games in the same style, the skin does not change the power of the character and does not influence the gameplay, just in its visual. In turn, the player can modify abilities in Skill Sets - these, instead, change special attacks and can influence how the characters behave in battles.

How to Play Dissidia Final Fantasy NT

Unlocking items and customizations

Items and customizations in Dissidia NT are purchased under the Treasure option in the main menu. They are bought with money obtained during the fights, or unlocked by means of special capsules, also received like rewards. All rewards are random and, in general, are merely aesthetic.

How to Play Dissidia Final Fantasy NT

How to move forward in history

The story in Dissidia NT is not part of the core gameplay, so do not worry about playing it primarily because it does not contain fights. In Story Mode Menu, however, you can watch scenes that tell the storyline, but they are unlocked with crystals, received from online and offline mode battles.

How to Play Dissidia Final Fantasy NT

The received crystals, once expended, are not recovered. And the story mode has different paths, so you have to decide which one you want to follow.