How to play PES 2018 with photorealistic visual using NVIDIA FreeStyle

PES 2018 is a game that shows good fidelity when portraying the look of players and stadiums, especially in its version for PCs. Therefore, recording moments of the game with photorealism is something that can be good fun for the players. Because NVIDIA has a tool that lets you make your images look more realistic, we'll show you how to set it up and record your bids.

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NVIDIA relies on its GeForce Experience tool, which helps users of their video cards configure their performance. But the program also brings some interesting features, such as NVIDIA Freestyle.

Get the best photos of PES 2018 games

With this feature, you can apply different filters to a selection of games, allowing you to play with a custom look and often more realistic than the game itself originally offered. To do this, using NVIDIA GTX video cards, follow the steps below:

Step 1. Install the GeForce Experience by clicking here. With the program installed, select the "Allow experimental features" option under the "General" tab. It is important that the "In-game overlay" option is selected so that the function can be activated within the game;

GeForce Experience screen and Freestyle setup

Step 2. Once inside Pro Evolution Soccer 2018, press ALT + F3 to open the NVIDIA Freestyle Effects window;

Freestyle tab

Step 3. Inside the Freestyle tab, you can choose some filter options. According to NVIDIA and photographer Leo Sang, the best possible configuration is as follows:

Exposure: 50% Exposure, 80% Highlights and 60%

Details: Sharpness 0, Clarity 60, Toning HDR 50 and Bloom 0

Color: Vibration 40 and Color Enhancement 50

Black and White: Intensity 20;

Step 4. When applying the filter, select Snap and take your picture.

It is worth remembering that because of weather variations and weather, you can make small adjustments to these settings to try to capture the best images within the game, according to your preference.

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