How to Play Snake VS Block; 'game of the snake' different is the new fever

Snake VS Block is an arcade game available for free download for Android and IOS in which players must control a snake and dodge blocks to get high scores. Although simple, the game that is among the most downloaded from Google Play and App Store is quite challenging requires quick fingers and good reflexes. Check out the tutorial and learn how to play Snake VS Block on your mobile phone.

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Sliding your fingers to move the snake, the goal is to stay alive. To do this, avoid collisions as much as possible. Each time you crash into a pack, you lose a number of yellow balls (number of lives, shown above the snake) equal to the number shown on it.

How to Play Snake VS Block; 'game of the snake' different is the new fever

In those parts where it is impossible to pass without hitting, always look for the smallest block. This will make you not spend many lives and can continue the match. When your snake runs out of yellow balls, you lose the game.

Always look for the blocks with the smallest numbers in Snake VS Block

As you dodge obstacles, try to get past the yellow balls scattered across the scenery. Each ball shows a digit, which is equal to the number of lives you will win.

Grab the yellow balls to increase your life in Snake VS Block

A good strategy for going well in Snake VS Block is to try to keep the maximum amount of time near the center of the screen. So it is easier to move to both sides, to find the best blocks and balls of lives.

Stay in the center of the screen in Snake VS Block

Paths enclosed by walls are extremely dangerous as it is can lead to cubes with very high numbers and make you miss the game. Always look for more open areas, which will ensure a freer movement.

Avoid walks enclosed by walls in Snake VS Block

If you have reached a good score but died, you can get a free "continue" at the end of each round. Touch the yellow button "More a Lifetime" to watch an ad and return to the match from where you had stopped.

Win a continue in Snake VS Block

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