How to play Squad, PC game shooting with massive and realistic multiplayer

Squad is the shooting game of the developer Offworld Industries. Available for PC via Steam, the game surprises by being realistic and offering good online features for up to 100 simultaneous players. Check out the complete tutorial and see the best tricks to get it right:

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Play as a team

The game is called the Squad for one reason: to win, it is essential to stay as long as possible next to your squad. Soon on the matchmaking start menu, do not forget to click on the "Squad" tab to join a team.

When the team moves to a point on the map, run with them and help your squad all the time. In addition to securing coverage shots, this is a good opportunity to observe more experienced players and copy their tactics.

Squad: always walk next to your squad

Start at the beginning

Like most online games, the squad community can be rigid with beginners. So avoid making controversial choices during your first few hours of gameplay, such as being the leader. Wait until you have enough practice and be able to command your allies.

A good initial choice is to play as Rifleman, or rifle sniper, because their attributes are the simplest to master and get used to the gameplay.

Squad: Start using rifles, the simplest weapon to master

Use the map

It's easy to get lost and confused in the scenarios during the first few hours of play, so be sure to check the map from time to time. To do this, simply press the M key.

You can also press N to zoom in and view map points of interest, such as trains and forts, more closely. The enemy flags that can be taken appear with an orange arrow, while the allies are indicated by a purple shield.

Squad: Press M to not get lost in game maps

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Although it is not mandatory to have a good microphone to start playing, the best teams use voice chat to win matches. Press V to access the local chat, B to the squad, and G to the specific leader.

Since it is not possible to mark the map or visually indicate where the enemies are, whenever you observe a suspicious or relevant move, do not be ashamed to let go and inform your colleagues. Veterans know the scenery well, so use buildings, vegetation, and relief as landmarks.

Squad: use voice chat to describe environments and situations

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Be careful with coverage

In its commitment to pursuit of realism, Squad created a system of differentiated protection. If in other games of the genre you just have to hide behind walls and boxes to protect yourself, here you have to take more care: high-caliber weapons can easily pierce walls, plates and thinner walls, killing your soldier in the process.

Do not stand too long in the same place, and when you shoot the cover, hold the shift key to zoom in and have more accuracy.

Squad: large-caliber ammunition can overrun the walls

Vehicles in sync

Even driving and boarding cars is teamwork in the game. It's no use getting in the car alone, since it is impossible to fly and take care of the guns at the same time.

Vehicles can be found at the initial Spawn point, but remember that it is possible to have your soldier emerge in other areas. Although captured bases do not serve this purpose, the Leader can create Rally points, which can be used up to 10 times, in addition to FOB, advanced construction that serves as Base Operations.

Squad: it is impossible to make use of vehicles alone

Value the doctors

Everywhere on the map, protect and help your doctors. If you are playing as one, avoid advancing to the front line and stand in the rear helping the injured.

Bandages are essential to stop bleeding and avoid a constant loss of vitality. Remember that the right mouse click heals himself, but the left also heals his allies.

Using the above tips, you will be a very useful soldier in the Squad combat field!

Squad: Protect your doctors all the time

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